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Maksymec 19 days ago

Fancy Mix

I received Magee's nuts for Christmas. They were fantastic! My entire family really enjoyed the quality and taste of these exceptional selection of nuts. We look forward to having more Magee's nuts soon. Happy New Year!!!

Dbdlr about 1 month ago

Pistachio Butter

Amazing and would be delicious on crostini with goat cheese!

Whisenand about 2 months ago

Kreamy Peanut Butter

Best peanut butter in the world!

Mzsmokie420 about 2 months ago


The walnuts were amazing, especially for baking! I highly recommend them!

Mtfarlin 3 months ago

Fancy Mix

Stopped by on very first visit to LA Farmers Market in July. Bought a pound of the fancy mixed nuts to nibble on. They were very fresh and great tasting. A nice mixture of all the assorts nuts available. Good choice.

Terri 3 months ago

Cashew Butter

This Cashew Butter is the Very Best in the Whole Wide World. It is of the Highest and Purest Quality of All of the Ones on the Market today. When they say 100% Cashews, it really means that exactly. I have seen them grind them into Butter with my own two eyes. Due to the Integrity of the Magee Family, I have the utmost Faith and Trust in the Magee's Brand and will not eat any other. I was born and raised in Texas, and as a small child in the early 1970's, my family and I would travel to Los Angeles two-four times per month for our family owned business. Without fail, and by popular demand, we would go to the Farmers Market every time and me and my two sisters would RUN to Magee's first thing to Watch and Smell them grind our nut of choice into Butter! My two sisters would get Peanut and I would get Cashew, Every Time. The flavor, along with all of its components, has consistently remained Tried and True through out all these years. Thanks for All of the Old Memories, and Here is to making All of the New Ones. Hats Off to All of You at Magee's!!!!!!!!!

Stellayangsf 4 months ago

Macadamia Butter

Pure macadamia nuts! Cashew is delicious also and my sister-in-law chooses almond. Magee's nut butters are the finest!

Stellayangsf 4 months ago


Sister-in-law introduced us to colossal, quality cashews. No one else comes close to Magee's!

Jhauser 5 months ago

Almond Butter

I have been ordering Magee's for over 15 years and love it just as much as I did the first time I tried it!! Thank you for making such a consistently delicious product!!

Stellayang 6 months ago

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is awesome -- nutty, sweet. Pure unsalted cashews cannot be surpassed.

Ritchie 8 months ago


I picked up a bag of cashews at LAX three years ago and ate them on flight back east. They were shockingly delicious. I am still looking for reason to go back to LA so I can get some more

Jennilmcgee 8 months ago

Peanuts - Spanish

I drive up from Orange County to buy these. They're fresh, perfectly roasted and worth the drive! The nut butters are delicious too, particularly the cashew butter.

Holmesv about 1 month ago

Kreamy Peanut Butter

This is the only peanut butter that my Father will eat. It smells fresh, tastes delicious and is very smooth and creamy. Nothing taste better than this peanut butter on a slice of very fresh white bread!!!!!!

Erv about 1 month ago

Almond Butter

Heaven sent...amazing delicacy!

Sallyelewis about 2 months ago

Kreamy Peanut Butter

I started eating this peanut butter as a kid -- my dad was eating it when he was a kid!!! My grandparents still lived in the area, so every time we went to the Farmer's Market, I would beeline over to Magee's nuts for this peanut butter. It is legendary. I still order it today and eat it by the spoonful. I love peanut butter. And I mean LOVE. And this is the best I have ever had, by far.

Msaft 2 months ago

Krunchy Peanut Butter

My husband has been eating for 53 years for breakfast everyday. My children at 46 and 42 will not eat another brand now my grandchildren at 13, 10 and 6 are the same We are basically spoiled-there is not a better peanut butter or a nicer owner than Mrs.Magee

Mtfarlin 3 months ago

Cashew Butter

Stopped by for a first time visit in June. Bought the cashew butter!! Absolutely wonderful!! Very smooth, creamy and velvety. Very good taste and flavor also> Will buy again

Arthur 4 months ago

Kreamy Peanut Butter

My family has been eating this peanut butter since before WWII. Four generations. Still ordering it. Yum.

Stellayangsf 4 months ago

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is absolutely delicious, slightly sweet.. My sister-in-law prefers almond butter. Magee's nut butters are the finest.

Stellayangsf 4 months ago


First purchase was delicious unsalted macadamia nuts. Magee's has top quality!

Jvonbuelow 5 months ago

Krunchy Peanut Butter

There is no better peanut butter!...For Real!

Nitafam 7 months ago

Fruit Nut Spread

Nice snack on seeded bread

Melissa 8 months ago


These are the biggest, crispiest, most tasty cashews I've ever eaten. We've loved them for years and order regularly. So disappointed when we run out. The best snack!


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