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Macadamia Butter

100% pure natural macadamia nuts ground and chopped into butter.

Magee's Suggests:
Stuffed French Toast:

This recipe for stuffing nut butter, not cream cheese. Very versatile and great for slowing the carbs in the bread from turning to sugars.
Take 2 pieces of bread (multigrain), and spread nut butter between the slices like a sandwich. Cut sandwich in half. Put in shallow bowl that has a mixture of 1 beaten egg (or liquid replacement) and an ounce or 2 of water, or milk of choice.(Almond's good).Turn to coat both sides.

Heat oil (olive or grapeseed's good) in frying pan, then put dipped/coated sandwich in. Turn when slightly browned like french toast.

Take out and top with fruit.


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Macadamia Butter

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